Full time infant program:

In the Infant Room, we do not have a set routine; we follow your baby’s individual schedule for eating and sleeping. Throughout the day, in the Infant Room we have fun! We play together, sing, read stories, listen to fun music, teach basic sign language, make simple hand print crafts and enjoy buggy walks, when weather permits. We offer a large wide variety of small and large toys and baby equipment to encourage your child’s fine and gross motor skills. We meet the needs of each baby, and provide individual attention and above all being held, loved, and cuddled by all staff members. Because we respect the individual of each baby, the routine in the Infant Room is subject to change at any given time. 

Teen Parent Program

When teenage parents participate in the Teenage Parent Program (TAP) curriculum they qualify for funded child care. These students can have consistent, secure child care from a licensed provider of their choice while they attend school and progress towards earning their diploma.

The TAP program is a comprehensive program. Teen parents will not only be enrolled in a competency-based parenting course, they will receive pregnancy and parenting related instruction in the areas of prenatal and postnatal health care, parenting skills, the benefits of sexual abstinence, and the consequences of subsequent pregnancies.

The Teen Parent Program can occur at the home school or a student can enroll at the BETA School. At the home school skilled teachers will work with the teen parents in a group before or after school, one day each week for an hour. High school students can earn 1/2 credit for the Parenting Skill Course, via Orange County Virtual School. This program is offered in every high school in Orange County Public Schools. At our middle schools, charter schools and alternative education centers, a teacher will be appointed upon request or need. 

For more information about school services, please contact:

Vionnette Montes, Instructional Support
407-317-3200  x2002777

Oreste Saint Filus, Program Assistant
407.317.3200 x2002598


A huge emphasis is placed on your child's spiritual knowledge and growth. A weekly chapel for ages 3 and up is held in the sanctuary. Children learn how to worship through signing, bible stories and prayer. 


What a wonderful beginning to your child's preschool experience! Your child is developing quickly and thematic based curriculum gives your energetic and curious child the opportunity to explore this wonderful world God has created for them. Each day includes language development, simple math concepts, art, music and stories. Self help skills are taught as the children learn how to become more independent in cleaning-up and as we partner with you in potty training. 

​Ages 0-4 utilize the WEE Learn Curriculum

WEE Learn Curriculum is framed by the theory and philosophy of life. Led by faith and grounded in evidence based practices, programs using the WEE learn philosophy and curriculum work to support children and families. Children's individual differences and learning styles are considered as children learn through play and interactions with supportive early childhood teachers to maximize each child's learning potential. 

VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) utilizes the O.W.L Curriculum

​​Opening the World of Learning - Prepare every child for success!

This curriculum is developed around nine district units that incorporate on a daily basis an introduction to the varied skills necessary for complete kindergarten readiness. Through hands on centers and imaginative play, each day includes math, science, social studies, language, art and an interactive, instructional circle time.

If you would more information or to set up a tour 

Summer Program

*Preschool Camps* 

 Our Summer program begins June 12th, 2017 and is offered to ages 0-5. Our summer hours of operation do not change. We have a school wide weekly themed curriculum. Through out the summer we offer field trips and in house events to coincide with our themes.

TCA Summer Calendar 2017

June 5-June 9:  TCA closed- Summer Break 

June 12 – June 16: On the Farm
June 13: Petting Farm @ 10 am (all ages) 

              June 19-June 23:  America the Beautiful
                        Monday July 3rd: Fourth of July Parade
                      TCA Closed Tuesday July 4th 

June 26- June 30: Incredible Insects
Nature walk/ picnic lunch @ Carl T Langford Park-TBD
July 3 – July 7: Science is Fun!
July 6 : Science Center field trip (Pre-K) 

July 10 – July 14: Safety
: Fire Truck visit @ 10am (all ages) 

July 17- July 21:  Crawly Critters
July 20: Reptile Show (all ages) 

July 24- July 28: The Arts

July 31-August 4: Summer Fun
Field Day- TBD
Aug 3rd: End of the summer classroom parties

 August 7- August 11: TCA Closed- Summer break / Teacher in service
*all events subject to change